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‘Write or Lef’

It is a beautiful day in Jamaica. Driving conditions are perfect and you are cruising along a stretch of highway that is pothole-free. Unbelievable! Your car is functioning perfectly. Running nice! You are listening to the soothing sounds of Beres Hammond on your brand new car stereo system. The volume is cranked past the mid-range. You are submerged in the sound quality of your car stereo. Mentally, you are in another world. Everything is beautiful.

You don’t realise that you are now travelling over the speed limit and have entered a speed trap. Just further down the road in the distance, you catch sight of a police officer directing you to pull over to the shoulder of the road. You quickly look at your speedometer. You are doing 100k in an 80k zone. “!@#$%^&*. Lawd Gawd, mi dead now!” you mutter to yourself. You pull over to the shoulder of the road and come to a complete stop behind the parked police car as directed.

Two police officers approach your automobile. One on the passenger’s side, the other on the driver’s side! The police officer now standing at the driver’s side of your car says: “Yuh know yuh was going over di speed limit? Licence and registration.”