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PNP Presidential Contest

Dear Ombudsman,
As you’re no doubt aware, the election to the Presidency of the People’s National Party has now taken place.
However, I believe the public interest and the upholding of appropriate standards in Jamaican politics requires  that your office, under S 12 (1)(a) of the Ombudsman Act,  undertake an immediate investigation into allegations published in the media during the Presidential contest .
On September 4, the OnePNP campaign alleged that RiseUnited was engaged in ‘vote buying ‘; on September 5, Rise United alleged that OnePNP was using ‘dons’ to intimidate delegates —each allegation suggesting that the other side was seeking to induce delegates to support their candidate through illicit methods.
Some may argue that the election is over and these matters are now behind us; or ‘ a so de runnings go’ or ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.
You would appreciate however that these are not trivial matters and  that such responses are absolutely unacceptable  to any Jamaican who stands for greater integrity in our country’s politics.
In fact, were the allegations substantiated, they would be in clear breach of Jamaica’s Code of Political Conduct which the officials of the PNP ,( as well as the JLP ) as political parties recently registered under the party registration regulations, are now obliged by law to uphold .
Moreover, such substantiated charges would also, arguably , be in breach of Section 14 (11) of the Corruption Prevention Act. In either case, following investigation, appropriate punishment should be applied to those found guilty of breaches.
On the other hand if these allegations prove to be unfounded,   the public should be so informed. Being informed of such a finding would  help to question the validity of the widespread opinion amongst our people that all politicians  in Jamaica are  corrupt. This perception lumps the good and  the bad together , discourages increasing numbers of Jamaicans from voting as well as from participating in politics and ,ultimately thereby,   seriously undermines our democratic system.

I would very much appreciate your early and favorable response .

All the very best,
Professor Trevor Munroe , CD, DPhil (Oxford).
Contact : (876) 383 2447