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Executive Director of National Integrity Action (NIA), Prof. Trevor Munroe is pointing to an increase in payouts by Crime Stop as an indicator that person’s are more willing to come forward and report on incidents of wrongdoing, despite the challenges.

Addressing a Training Exercise for Justices of the Peace at … Prof. Munroe noted that payouts for the first nine months of 2019 totalled $7.8 million, or double what it was 2 years earlier. Concurrently, the volume of calls has similarly doubled, from an average of 100 per month to over 200, over the same period.

“This increased frequency of reports has resulted in a greater number of arrests, more guns seized, more persons apprehended and convicted, and of course, it has been rewarding for the persons reporting.”

The NIA Head further challenged the JPs to build on the emerging culture of responsibility and sensitivity to injustice by carrying out their duties impartially.

Recalling the quote of a JP in St Catherine, Prof. Munroe reminded them of the Code of Conduct, saying ” You can bfe PNP, JLP or even no P, don’t bring partisan politics into your JP work.”

Turning to the wider society, Prof. Munroe said that progress was being made in tackling corruption, and he was heartened to note that the various anti- corruption agencies had stepped up their activities.

“Our enforcement officers are increasingly going where the evidence leads, even if it is to the highest levels of power.”

NIA has been collaborating with the Ministry of Justice and other agencies to conduct training sessions for JPs across the island as part of it’s overall programme of fostering greater engagement on the part of the public with respect to combating corruption.