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The mission of NIA is to “combat corruption and build integrity in Jamaica through the persistent promotion of transparency, accountability in the conduct of government, businesses and the wider society”. In order for this to be achieved this message must be shared with all segments of society in an effort to build awareness and also encourage each and every citizen to play their respective part in holding themselves and others to very high standards of integrity, transparency and accountability.

NIA’s Media Campaign

The mass media is one of the most effective means of communication. Used properly it can prove a critical and constructive tool in the development of any society. NIA has sought since its inception to utilize this medium to bring its message across the length and breadth of the entire island and also internationally.

NIA through its communication partner has so far created three documentaries, two infomercials and well over twenty television and radio commercials, appearing on several television current affairs programmes and radio news and current affairs programs, movie cinemas and written several newspaper columns. These products were created in support of NIA’s advocacy for core issues such as Campaign Finance Reform, Political Party Registration,  equality before the law and an end to the impunity of ‘big fish’, ending Tax Evasion, in support of the Political Code of Conduct, and an end to garrison style politics among other issues. In addition to strengthening NIA’s advocacy the media products sought to increase the public’s awareness of corruption, its effects to include the cost of corruption and also to bring the vital message of the need for the building of integrity.

To date, taking into account the feedback received NIA has been successful in this regard. We are however fully aware of the fact that there is a lot more work to be done and calls on everyone to join the fight against corruption and the building of integrity and also join in the spreading of this important message. View all NIA media products here: watch videos

NIA’s Speaking Engagements

Regrettably, NIA is not able to respond to all requests and invitations to publicly speak. However NIA through its Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and other members of staff accept on average over twenty such invites per year. To date NIA has accepted local invitations to speak at events from a cross section of the Jamaican Society to include: The National Secondary Students’ Council Executive Inauguration Ceremony, Optimist International Caribbean Disctrict Conference, The Governor General’s I Believe Initiative County Conferences, The 10,000 Men and Their Families March in Spanish Town, May Pen and Western Kingston, Lions Club of St. Andrew Central Social Meeting, Grace Canning, Alpart Community,  Bethlehem Moravian Church Synod, the St James Lay Magistrates Association, Jamaica Bankers Association Conference, University College of the Cayman Islands, Distinguished Lecture Series, Yute X Conference, Trinidad & Tobago Transparency Institute 2013 Anti-Corruption Conference, Presentation to Annual Methodist Men’s Fellowship Conference, Irvin Hall, Mary Seacole Hall, Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains, CBSI Technical Working Group Anti-Corruption Workshop, 12th Caribbean Shipping Executives’ Conference, GoJ Audit Commission Conference among others. Regional Invitations to speak at: Canadian Diaspora, Fundraising Event in Guyana, the Governor’s Symposium in St Martin, Commonwealth Caribbean Associations of Integrity Commissions and Anti-Corruption Bodies in Trinidad and Tobago, Transparency Institute in Guyana, University College in the Cayman Islands, the annual Shipping Executive Conference in Bahamas among others. An Internationally: CIN Lecture Series in New York, Annual Caribbean Independence Celebration Service in Port St Lucie Florida, Canada’s Black Action Defence Committee Anniversary and Celebration Ceremony among others.   See Photo Gallery