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Demanding Answers, Demanding Transparency

November 5, 2021 Demanding Answers, Demanding Transparency With reference to the sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday November 2, 2021, and specifically relating to the position taken regarding the questions posed about the Airport Authority of Jamaica’s investments, Minister Montague’s position & Speaker Dalrymple’s ruling together: Impose secrecy in defiance of Jamaica’s Constitution which obliges Parliament to hold Ministers to account for how taxpayers’ money is spent; Violates the 2002 Code of Conduct for Minister’s which requires Ministers to be open with Parliament and the public ‘except where providing information would not be in the public interest’; Breaches…

Repeal the Integrity Commission Act’s “Gag Clause”

Press Release - Repeal the Integrity Commission Act's Gag Clause (3)

NIA statement: Manchester Municipal Corporation corruption convictions

NIA statement on Manchester Municipal Corporation corruption convictions