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National Integrity Action welcomes applications for membership from any individual or entity who supports National Integrity Action’s VISION, MISSION and VALUES.


A Jamaica where government, businesses, civil society and the people manifest integrity in their conduct, are held accountable and apply proper sanctions for corrupt activities.


To combat corruption and build integrity in Jamaica through the persistent promotion of transparency, accountability in the conduct of government, businesses and the wider society.


NIA promotes and endorses the following values through its mandate, policies and work as the basis for inspiring integrity, anti-corruption action and activities towards a corrupt-free Jamaica:

  1. Transparency

The state of being free from deceit and characterized by visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning the practices of government and businesses.  NIA is committed to transparency in the public, private, and non-governmental sectors.

  1. Accountability

The state of being answerable, especially the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s conduct or action.  NIA exists to promote greater accountability in government, business, and the wider society.

  1. Integrity

The quality of being honest and morally upright.  The objects and work of NIA is in observation of this standard.  

  1. Impartiality

Neutrality and non-partisanship

  1. Diversity

Tolerant of multiple worldviews.




Each member of National Integrity Action has the right to:

  • Receive full information on the activities of the organisation
  • Participate in the activities of the organisation
  • Receive support wherever possible, from the organisation in undertaking initiatives to promote the mission and values of the organisation
  • Submit proposals to the organisation to advance its mission and to receive replies thereto.
  • Take part in the Annual General Meeting after serving six (6) months membership and be eligible to elect and be elected to the Board of Directors after one (1) year membership


Each member of National Integrity Action has the obligation to:

  • Promote the vision, mission and values of transparency, accountability and integrity in whatever way appropriate to the particular member’s situation – in their community, profession and social institutions.
  • Participate wherever possible in training programmes offered by the organisation or its partners
  • Safeguard the reputation of the organisation
  • Advance in whatever way appropriate the public awareness and advocacy campaigns in furtherance of its mission
  • Pay membership fees as follows:
  1. Students – JMD$100/month or $1000/year
  2. Other individual – JMD$200/month or $2000/year
  3. Entities – JMD$500/month or $5000/year

Removal of Membership

 A member may be removed from the Register of Members by a decision by the Board if

  1. In the opinion of the Board of Directors a member prejudices the interest of National Integrity Action.
  2. Fails to pay relevant membership fees for six (6) months after written reminders.


A respective member may appeal against any removal by writing to the Executive Director within six (6) weeks of the receipt of the decision appealed against. In such a case the Board of Directors shall establish a Special Appeals Tribunal to hear the suspended member’s case and to make a recommendation thereafter to the Board of Directors.


Applications for membership (where possible on the prescribed form) should be sent to the Executive Director ( for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.