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Report Corruption

Do you believe that people deserve fair treatment no matter how much money they earn or the colour of their skin? Are you tired of not being able to trust those who hold positions of power? Do you dream of a country in which justice, prosperity and peace reigns for all? Do you believe in a better now and a better future? Movements of oppressed and unhappy people across the world have shown us that there is great strength in numbers. Join us in the fight against corruption by donating, volunteering, reporting acts of corruption, or signing our petition. Take action now before it is too late.

    Report Corruption At The Following Numbers


    Our Hotline


    Crime Stop




    *INDECOM Tip and Incident lines, LIME – 1-888-991-5555 and DIGICEL – 1-888-935-5550 for complaints against a member of the Security Forces (JCF, JDF, District Constables), Correctional Officer or a Public Officer.