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Editorial | In A State Of Corruption

As he presides over the celebrations for Jamaica’s 55th anniversary of Independence and 179 years since slavery ended, Prime Minister Andrew Holness ought not to miss the latest evidence of the cynicism and mistrust entertained by Jamaicans. And should the PM be seriously invested in a substantial and transcendental premiership, these declarations should help frame an urgent agenda for his Government.

The findings of an opinion survey conducted in June for this newspaper by pollster Bill Johnson, which highlighted the absence of confidence in Jamaican institutions, are important. More than half (55 per cent) of the country’s adults could not name someone they considered a significant role model. Of the 35 per cent who took a stab at the question, track star Usain Bolt was, by far, the country’s greatest inspiration. His 21 per cent dwarfed the four per cent each for Mr Holness and his predecessor, Portia Simpson Miller.

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