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Dr. Lyden Rose JP

From humble beginning in the hills of St. Ann, son of Doreen and Claudius Rose; came a young man with a strong determination to succeed. With scholarships to Dinthill Technical High School and the College of Arts, Science and Technology where he excelled, he later went on to the University of Oriente’s Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas where he obtained a Doctorate in Dental Surgery.

Even while reading and studying, he was always involved in community activities, establishing youth clubs and heading school organizations. He even entered representational politics but it was at leading voluntary service organizations that he really excelled.

Particularly proud of the fact that he was instrumental in establishing the use of proper voter identification in the internal election process of political parties to ensure free and fair election.

Register of Interests

Each Member of the board of directors and senior staff shall declare in this Register any and all interests that could potentially lead to, or could conceivably be preceived as, as confilict of interest.

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