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Frequently Asked Questions

You can make a corruption report to ALAC using any of the following methods:

Toll Free “Report Corruption Hotline” number – 1-888-429-5562
any of our Office Telephone Numbers (876) 906-4371
(876) 906-9190
(876) 906-9462
(876) 908-3365

Fax – (876) 754-7951

Visiting our website, clicking on the “Get Involved” button and clicking on the link Report Corruption.

Email –

Post / Mail – to the address listed in the “Contact Us” section of this website.

Social Media
Leaving messages on our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

No you do not have to give your name when making a corruption report to ALAC. You will not be required to give your name and you can choose to remain anonymous or to not provide any personal information.

When reports of corruption are made to NIA, all information is kept strictly confidential. The general procedure is that a member of our Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) will receive your report and take the necessary particulars.

A differentiated approach is taken to all corruption reports received as situations are often not exactly the same. Generally, NIA will provide information as to how you may pursue your corruption related matter to have it addressed and may, where possible, provide other practical assistance within its capability, to facilitate this.

Where possible, information or assistance in the form of advice may immediately be provided to you. This may include recommendations such as the appropriate manner in which your matter may be pursued or the appropriate body with responsibility for handling your matter. Otherwise, you may be asked to provide further information in the form of documentation or to come in to NIA’s office for further details to be taken, if the situation requires.

It may be determined that your report concerns a matter for which an existing organization or agency has statutory or other responsibility. In such circumstances, the matter will be promptly referred to such organization or agency for the appropriate steps to be taken.

No. NIA does not have legal authority (statutory or otherwise) to, cannot and will not investigate, make arrests in, or prosecute corruption matters or criminal activity.

No. NIA will not represent in Court or otherwise, persons who make corruption reports to us.

Yes, you can report a corruption matter anonymously. You do not have to give us your name or personal information when making a corruption report.

It is helpful to have as much information as possible on hand when making a corruption report. Information about the matter or issue including details as to where, when, how and who is or are involved can assist.

Anyone can lodge a complaint and make a report of corruption to ALAC. Once you have witnessed or been a victim of corruption or some form of injustice, you can contact NIA’s ALAC to make a complaint.

No. Making a report or lodging a complaint to ALAC is completely free of cost. NIA and ALAC does not charge fees to persons making complaints and ALAC’s assistance and services are free of cost.

No. NIA will not disclose your information to others without your consent.

No. NIA cannot and will not investigate any reports received. NIA does not have powers to investigate matters.

No. NIA does not have the power to prosecute persons.

No. NIA will not represent you if you already have an Attorney-at-Law?