Our Work

What we have done

  • Building popular awareness of the need for Campaign Finance Reform legislation
  • Increased attention by Transparency International, the main international civil society organization involved in the combat of corruption to issues of integrity in Jamaica.
  • The enhancement of training of officials in public sector anti-corruption institutions

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What we have done

What we are doing

  • Making the public more aware of the need for Campaign Finance Reform
  • Upgrading the training of prosecutors, police officers and others involved in combatting corruption
  • Strengthening relationships to build integrity and to combat corruption with key internal and external partners

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What we have done

Hotline: 1-888-429-5562

Build Integrity

The World Bank estimates that in Jamaica, ineffective governance of our tax system has reduced tax revenue by an estimated 20%.


The foundation principles of effective governance – OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

Corruption is a key element in economic under performance and a major obstacle to poverty alleviation and development.

2010 Don Anderson Poll found that Jamaicans for the first time perceived corruption as “that thing that was most wrong with Jamaica”.

Report Corruption

Corruption & You

The Effects of Corruption

  • It undermines democracy and the rule of law
  • It hurts the poor disproportionately by diverting funds intended for development
  • It is a major obstacle to poverty alleviation and development
  • It feeds inequality and injustice

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What can you do

You can help reduce the incidence of corruption in Jamaica by Becoming a volunteer, Reporting corrupt activity that you know about, by following us on Facebook and Twitter and talking about corruption with your friends and family.

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